My Stitchery Page

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Kats By Kelly-Baroque

This is a Kats By Kelly's Baroque. This is the first Kats By Kelly I have stitched, but will not be the last.

Yours Truely-Baby Shoes-Finished May 2005

This is the first stitched piece I have finished for my baby girl Cassidy (this is why I decided to sign it "mom" rather than with my initials). It was finished approximately 2 months before her arrival due date.

Yours Truely-Baby Shoes-Finished June 2005

This is a piece that I stitched for a friend's grandson. It was finished approximately 3 months after his arrival.

Cross My Heart-Relatively Speaking (Aunt)

This is a piece that I stitched as a thank you gift for my Auntie.