about txbelle

Let me tell you a little about myself.   I am 34 years old and I do have a husband, who is the love of my life.   We will be celebrating our second anniversary on July 23, 2007.   For Michael, I love my puppy and I miss you so much!  We welcomed our first child, a daughter, into our new family in July 2005.   I was born and raised (and still reside) in Houston, Texas.   Having been employeed by one of the major US commercial airlines, I was one of the people laid off due to the attack on the United States.   However, on Tuesday, April 16, 2002, I was offered a position with the company that had to lay me off and I accepted.   I started back as a "permanent" employee on Monday, April 29, 2002.   On September 8, 2007, I will be celebrating my 7 year anniversary with the company.   I attended Southwest Texas State University...go bobcats...which is located in San Marcos, Texas (30 minutes south of Austin).   I was an accounting major.   I was 35 hours away from finishing my degree and it is unlikely at this point that I will go back to finish.   I like to chat online, listen to Country music and watching movies (romance, comedies, and of course Disney)....among other things...When I have the rare opportunity for some free time, one of my favorite places to chat is mIRC and you can find me as any one of the following:   txbelle, darlin^txbelle, or Da^Texas^Brat and when I am away from the keyboard:   txbelle-afk.   Some of you out there might know my real life former roommate (from when we were at school).... Mari.... she occasionally gets on the chat and even less occasionally gets onto mIRC...and if it weren't for me she wouldn't be on the chat or even on the computer...another good friend from SWT is tedibear.   I would like to mention my online sisters EmilyAngel, GothL0ve, Miss^Tude, ElusiveTX, and HuneeBear_F53_TX.

As some of you know, I am a rather opinionated person and some times I even let my opinions be known.   I have decided that it is time to express some of my opinions and what better way than to include them on my website.   In the past couple of weeks, I have discovered that there are several people out there that think they know what others, who are mentally stable grown adults, need and want.   These same people take it upon themselves to try to make decisions for and generally run other people's lives.   It is my opinion that these same people have no clue about certain situations, nor do they have any business trying to get involved where they are obviously unwanted and unwelcomed.   True friends would not try to run other people's lives, but rather give advise and opinions (when requested) and then let the person make their *OWN* decisions.   I guess I better stop this rant and climb off the soapbox for now.

I would now like to mention a few friends that I have made on the net...here are the people that have helped me on putting this page together and learning HTMLing...Jay (who also did some scanning of pics for me), Drizzt (who also has done some graphics for me in the past), Woody, dallas, Meatball, MindGame, ravenwolf, Warhawk, Bri, Wakko, and Mark...thanks guys...Kyndig and Jasonite (who are both very special friends), and last but DEFINATELY not least GStrait (who has the sexiest accent/voice that I have ever heard...hehe)...

Since making the above list of friends, I have made more friends through irc.   They have been asking me why they aren't on the list above and I keep having to tell them that the list is from my pre-irc and icq days.   Well I am now taking the time to add my "new friends"--some I have known for almost a couple years.   To start with there is Daroach(iepooh) aka MP3_ISDN, Othello, MimiTN, mudduck^, ^Electra, TalTxn, Rode-o, and many others that I am sure will tell me evenutally to add them to this listing.

I know you are dying to know how much longer it is till
my birthday. Well wonder no more....I turn 35 in: