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Welcome to my Guestbook....the reason that it's split up into two separate books is because, as some of you might know, when I first started my page I was having problems with guestbooks the following entries are ones that I have saved from the last one before the one that I have now and I have decided just to put them on my page and then the second half is the book that I have now and it's a little more reliable...I have had it for over a year now and not a problem yet.....thanks and make sure that you do sign the new book...

Number of Guests: 62

  Visitor: Michael "Warlock" Claudius
Reference: U made the link in alamak
   Origin: Denmark
 URL Info: 
  Contact: hh2b9504@frodo.lyngbyes.dk
Date: November 19, 1996

age: 18

Comments: Nice homepage, U realy got this down. Thanks for helping me with my ops status. =8D

  Visitor: 4nic
Reference: I have no damn clue!
   Origin: Baltimore
 URL Info: 
  Contact: cnelson@umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Date: November 19, 1996

Comments: well, it all started when I was a child *smart-ass grin*

  Visitor: Andreas Hoffmann (daytripper)
Reference: U told me to!
   Origin: Germany living in Singapore
 URL Info: 
  Contact: waltk@singnet.com.sg
Date: November 19, 1996

age: 18yrs!

Comments: G'day txbelle! Well I must say your page is rather smashing.I liked and enjoyed it a lot. PLS tell Ellen to get my pic done since she doesn't listen to me.And say hi to Face when you talk to him again,k? C-ya, DAY!

  Visitor: Keith
Reference: my computer brought me here (duh)
   Origin: outer space
  WebSite: Dobber's home page
 URL Info: uuhh, look at the title
  Contact: dobber@gnatnet.net
Date: November 18, 1996

age: 21

Comments: Hi! This is Dobber. Cool page but I'm not on it :-( I'll put you on mine when I get the chance. See ya on Alamak.

  Visitor: ernie
Reference: you sent me
   Origin: Maryland
  WebSite: Limelight
 URL Info: you will see
  Contact: elgato@erols.com
Date: November 17, 1996

age: 31

Comments: txbelle is a new friend of mine will you be my friend too?

  Visitor: Peggy Leblanc
Reference: because i did not know what i was doing.
   Origin: Nova Scotia
 URL Info: 
  Contact: none
Date: November 16, 1996

age: 20

Comments: You have one of the nices books in this place. It is very nice to look at and i hope you add to it soon so i can look at it some other time. Thanks.

  Visitor: Adam "Crow" Bolduc
Reference: Alamak
   Origin: San Antonio, Texas
  WebSite: Adam's Place
 URL Info: My little place on the web
  Contact: abolduc@netxpress.com
Date: November 16, 1996

age: 25

Comments: Howdy txbelle. Nice page. *grin*

  Visitor: Hans
Reference: Txbelle sent me!!
   Origin: Montreal
 URL Info: 
  Contact: wosnitza@connectmmic.net
Date: November 15, 1996

age: 42

Comments: Nice work!! Makes my suck!!

  Visitor: Thorbjørn W. Jensen
Reference: This weird blue line in alamak
   Origin: Denmarks official lony hospital
 URL Info: 
Date: November 15, 1996

age: somewhere between 16 & 18

Comments: Gee she was so nice, threatened to ban me!(then add some) but really she is nice onough, at least she have a sense of humor, i think?!?!?!?

  Visitor: liquid
Reference: thru alamak he he he
   Origin: le suede (sweden)
  WebSite: aint got no 
 URL Info: rough
Date: November 15, 1996

age: 22

Comments: i lovvy lovy u tx...yeaaaaa...and it dont stop...

  Visitor: Colleen
Reference: I let my fingers do the walking
 URL Info: 
Date: November 15, 1996

Comments: To Txbelle: Best of luck with everything you try! Colleen

  Visitor: Ellen
Reference: =)
   Origin: Singapore
  WebSite: Ellen's homepage
 URL Info: =)
  Contact: flore400@pacific.net.sg
Date: November 15, 1996

age: 16+

Comments: hiya Txbelle ;) *grin*..nice page..cool pics ;) see ya in Bar!!! *hugz*

  Visitor: GEM
Reference: Alamak
   Origin: sunny Australia
  WebSite: GEM's homepage
 URL Info: well...i haven't done anything yet...
  Contact: schmanda@zed.com.au
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 17

Comments: txbelle..cool homepage!!! :0) i'll try and get mine started soon!hehee *smile* See you on the chat sometime soon!!!

  Visitor: venture
Reference: the insane root
   Origin: everywhere..yet nowhere....
  WebSite: My homepage
 URL Info: really good
  Contact: venture@mts.net
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 17 years of age thanx

Comments: these pent-house lids crave composition...... great homepage, and a little message to everyone out there... thy dunnest dreams will forever be lost in the future prophecy... all-hail hereagter~~

  Visitor: anon
Reference: from alamak
   Origin: Manitoba, Canada
  WebSite: none
 URL Info: none
  Contact: nuttree@mts.net
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 16

Comments: anon is an old english word meaning at once... I'm comming. to everyone that reads this PARTY!!!... I am a normal, yet totally insane girl... I pray you have not had the disturbance to have met me... yet it is an adventure just to see me...

  Visitor: Nitro
   Origin: Ponchatoula, LA.
 URL Info: 
  Contact: wwillis@popalex1.linknet.net
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 37 and holding HARD!!

Comments: Nice page!!.....You have done a lot of work here!!....very good!

  Visitor: Party_boy
Reference: thru a chat link (alamak)
   Origin: Birmingham, England
 URL Info: 
  Contact: scauson@coventry.ac.uk
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 18 years old 16/03/78

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: Polar_Bear.....Sub_Zero..sub_zero
Reference: magic....
   Origin: Ketchikan,Alaska
  WebSite: don't have one
 URL Info: if i did superman would be on the front.
  Contact: petersond@hotmail.com
Date: November 14, 1996

age: my age is 30-5+7-13=myage

Comments: txbelle, I feel a lot of love in this room, and I hope that all of your dreams and hopes come true, for without dreams, and hope, our lives our worthless, and not worth living at all. I just want you to know that I'm proud that you decided to become an accountant, for it's something that I can never be, and I hope that you live a happy and succesful life. I also hope that you find the man of your dreams, and share the rest of your life together, and that you both have kids and raise them as good and better than your parents have raised you. I also hope and pray that nothing bad happens to you in your many adventures and life, for I know that this life can be really cruel sometimes. I also hope that you continue to talk and chat on the internet, and continue to meet new and interesting people, for a man once said communication is the source of knowledge, and truth. I also hope that you can make the right descisions for you and your family in the future, for our country is going through many things right now....and please if you have a kid...don't let him or her join the military....I know the military is all messed up and it makes me mad when the govt sends our fine young men and women to fight for nothing, I say this because many of my friends from back home have joined the armed services. I also hope and pray that your marriage will work out, for I know that many people live a life of hell when they realize that they are married to the wrong guy, and it would hurt me greatly if you hook up with a guy who isn't exactly what you thought that he was. I also hope and pray that your children have a succesful future as well, and that they can grow into respectable adults. That is about all that I have to say, I hope you don't think anyless of me after you get done reading this little message of mine. I walk around every day and see people waste their lives by swimming daily in whiskey bottles, and beer. It hurts my eyes to see all of my friends participate in such activities, and I just want to scream at them when I see them mess up like they are. Well I better go...I hope to see you again hopefully on the internet, or you can email me if you are bored and don't have anyone else to write to.....take care and may success, and happiness follow you from this moment on and until the second you leave this beautiful earth......later...Don Peterson....alias Polar_Bear, and Sub_Zero............19 yrs old.....6'3...255lbs...played high school football, and can play both the clarinet and the piano, and enjoyed many years participating in pep bands, and track and field. I'm currently going to school in lawrence kansas, and I'm majoring in social work, and criminal justice...hopefully I will graduate next fall of 97.......I'm the eldest of seven, and soon to be eldest of eight.......that is about all I have say...take care and hopefully we can talk once again...peace and respect.........

  Visitor: Rob Abel aka badbob
Reference: Alamak link, you told me too
   Origin: Kansas
 URL Info: 
  Contact: georabel@cadvantage.com
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 19

Comments: see you in Alamak lover

  Visitor: Pokey/RD
Reference: alamak
   Origin: Oregon but in Kansas
 URL Info: 
  Contact: ore2kan@hotmail.com
Date: November 14, 1996

age: 18 and female

Comments: No comment at this time..

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